Best Pop-up Campers: 5 Brands and Why You Should Get One

Considering a pop-up camper? These campers pack lots of value into a small, light package. Today, we look at five of the best brands of pop-up campers.

Pop-up campers are becoming increasingly more common these days. They’re more than a tent, but less than a travel trailer. Many people are finding that pop-up campers are the perfect fit for them. They offer several benefits over both tents and travel trailers.

What is a pop-up camper? Chances are, you’ve probably seen one of these things behind a car before:

pop-up campers: 5 brands and why you should get one

What are some of the benefits to owning a pop-up camper? There are actually quite a few:

  • Smaller – much easier to manage than a full size travel trailer.
  • Cheaper – since they’re smaller, they’re also much cheaper than regular travel trailers.
  • LIGHTER! This is a huge benefit – instead of buying a massive pickup truck to tow your 10,000 lb. travel trailer, you can use your sedan or minivan!
  • Ease of use – Pop-up campers are super-easy to set up and collapse.
  • Storage – pop-up campers don’t take up the space in your driveway that normal travel trailers do.
  • Weather resistance – Unlike a tent, a pop-up camper shields you from rain and other elements.

Setting up a pop-up camper

Check out this video of the setup process for a pop-up camper. This is actually a very informative video showing a lot of the different features/aspects of pop-up campers.