Best Small Travel Trailers: 5 Great Teardrop Brands

Looking for a small travel trailer? A teardrop trailer might be perfect. In this post, we look at 5 great teardrop trailer brands. Read to learn more.

Update: see the new version of this article, with 10 different small travel trailers, here.

Small travel trailers have a lot of advantages over their full-size counterparts.

While they don’t offer as many amenities as the big ones can, small trailers have their own set of benefits. They’re small and light, meaning you don’t need a huge truck to tow them. They’re less expensive too. They provide a place to sleep and eat without the hassle of a big trailer.

If you’re looking for a small travel trailer, look no further. We’ve put together a list of the best small travel trailers out there. These “teardrop” trailers as they’re called are unique, lightweight, and much easier to tow. There’s something for everyone here.


1. Egg Camper

Egg Camper is a trailer brand that offers a unique egg-shaped design. They only have two trailers – the “Egg Camper” and the Teardropp. The Egg Camper is a 17-ft small travel trailer that comes “nicely equipped” for $18880. It is a premium price for a small trailer, but it’s American-made and has some nice features. The other model, the Teardropp, is Egg Camper’s take on the classic teardrop trailer. The Teardropp, judging from the pictures on the website, looks pretty spacious inside. Its exterior dimensions are 166”x88”x83”. It has a door on one side, window on the other, and also opens from the rear. Available options are heat, air conditioning, and 12v fridge. To learn more, visit Egg Camper’s Teardropp page which has photos, descriptions, and a phone number and email address you can use to contact them.


2. iCampiCamp

iCamp also offers just two trailer options: the iCamp Elite and iCamp Lite. The iCamp Lite is a very small, unique trailer that expands with the use of a tent. You can learn more about it on its iCamp website page. But we’ll focus on the iCamp Elite, iCamp’s teardrop trailer offering. The Elite has a very cool design with colored trim – very sleek and good-looking. Its dimensions are 144”x80”x97”. It has a large window on each side, with a door on one side and a smaller 2nd window on the other.

The interior of the iCamp is amazing for a travel trailer. It has a stove, sink, dinette that folds down into a bed, bathroom, and even a shower! Plus, it has available heating and AC. It’s like it has many of the amenities of a full travel trailer but in a near-teardrop size. Made in China, the iCamp has a starting MSRP of $15,600 without options and can be towed by “many mini vans and passenger cars.” Its unloaded weight is 2366 lbs.

If you’re interested in the iCamp, head over to their website to find more info, floor plans, and dealers. This page on Roaming Times is a good source of information and reviews.

3. Serro Scotty


John Serro founded Serro Scotty in 1957. Scotty offers 3 models: the Hilander, the Sportsman, and the Lite. The Hilander is a full-featured travel trailer with a small size – 15’ 9” in length. The Sportsman is a bit like the iCamp – a larger teardrop, with bit more features. 15’ 2” in length, 1780 lb. dry weight, and comfortably sleeps 3 – good for a teardrop trailer. The headroom is 6’ 1”, very good for a teardrop.

The Scotty Lite is a classic teardrop trailer – modern retro design, and very small and light. It weighs only 960 lbs. and has a 90 lb. hitch weight. It has a nice wooden interior with a couch for two during the day that folds into a bed. It has a sink and storage space too. The Scotty Lite has a large window, door, and medium window.

For more information, visit the Scotty Trailers website – they have lots of information on their trailers, plus dealers and lots of good photos.

4. So-Cal

So-Cal Trailer

So-Cal has a large selection of teardrop models. They actually have three off-road teardrop models as well. So-Cal trailers have a classic look and good design. They offer models starting at $6355 but most are around $10,000. The off-road models are a bit more expensive of course.

So-Cal trailers are small and short, so they’re pretty light – the Rover model weighs in at 920 lbs. The back of the trailer folds up to reveal storage – and a pull-out mini stove! Good thinking So-Cal.

So-Cal offers many different teardrop trailers, so I recommend going and checking out their website to learn about them. They have lots of photos, details on how the trailers are made, and a map showing dealers.

5. Little Guy

Little Guy Trailer

Little Guy is one of the most popular and well-known travel trailer brands out there. Little Guy offers a large selection of teardrops – they’re the maker behind the popular T@b trailers too. The original Little Guy trailers have four variations. The smallest one is the 4 Wide Platform – it weighs only 800 lbs. and starts at $7063. They have tons of different options, like a window on top, sink and stove, and tons of different graphics to choose from.

They have a lot of teardrop options, so we’ll let you head over to their website and have a look. They have a lot of photos, video, specs, and options listed on their site, along with contact info and the option to get a quote from a nearby dealer after selecting your options. Definitely check them out.

Bonus: Knaus Deseo

Knaus Deseo

I told you we’d cover 5 trailer brands, but Knaus is awesome so I had to include it. The Deseo is a small trailer – bigger than a teardrop. It has a great exterior design and an even better interior. Looking around the Knaus website, I saw that they actually have a lot of impressive RVs and trailers. Their design is really, really good. Only problem is, they’re European, and all their dealers are in Europe. So it’d be hard to find one of their trailers over here.

But if you do, or you live in Europe, the Deseo looks to be an excellent small trailer. The photos on their website look very good. Unfortunately I couldn’t find specs listed, but they do have floor plans and details on the equipment and packages. Check out their website.


So those are 6 great teardrop travel trailer manufacturers. Teardrop trailers can be a great option if you don’t need everything a full-size trailer offers. You can tow them with a lot of smaller trucks and SUVs.

Check out the reviews and websites, and compare your favorites. If you find one you like, see if any local dealers have it. Go see it in person and try it out. Compare others and decide which you like best. All the options here are good choices – it’s just about finding best one for you.

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