Small Travel Trailers: Top 10 Picks for 2017

If you don't want the size and cost of a full-size trailer, there's a solution: a small travel trailer! Here are 10 amazing small travel trailers for 2017.

Let’s face it: a full-size travel trailer or RV is a big commitment.

Not just in terms of cost, but also in terms of your tow vehicle, maintenance, and maneuverability.

But what about those of us who love to travel but aren’t interested in the huge commitment of a full-size trailer?

In this case, small travel trailers are a great option. Compared to full-size trailers, smaller trailers offer up a lot of perks. Let’s take a look at just a few of them…

Benefits of Small Travel Trailers

  • Benefit #1: They aren’t going to break the bank. Their smaller footprint means fewer materials and lower manufacturing cost. Thus, small travel trailers are often much cheaper than their full-size counterparts.
  • Benefit #2: Upkeep is easier! With fewer moving parts, there’s much less maintenance work to be done. And with less interior space, cleaning won’t take nearly as long. Convenience!
  • Benefit #3: They’re easier to tow. Lighter weight means more tow vehicle options. In many cases you can tow these trailers with the car you currently own. This way, you have your living space and your car together.
  • Benefit #4: They’re much more mobile! Like I said above — small trailers win when it comes to maneuverability. Campgrounds will be easier to come in and out of, and you’ll be able to get a trailer of this class on some much more rugged terrain than a large trailer could handle.

Pretty sweet, right? So we’ve put together a list of our 10 favorite small travel trailers to help guide you in your hunt!

1. The Happier Camper

The Happier Camper - Best Small Travel TrailersWith a catchy name and a sleek design, this is one of our favorite small travel trailers. Just from the outside, you will fall in love with this little camper. It has a fresh but retro design and spacious windows to let a healthy amount of light into your living space.

The great thing about this retro looking camper, though, is that its interior is super-modern. It has a modular design, which allows for a large amount of customization. The inside has 2 AC outlets that include USB ports and 4 DC-powered cigarette lighter ports.

Watch this video and see how cool this modular design thing is: