Three Types Of Travel Trailers

In the travel trailer world, there are three main types. There are classic travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers. Read to learn more about each.

Looking for a great travel trailer? The first thing you should know is that there are three main types of trailer. Make sure you understand the differences before you start shopping, so you have an idea of what kind of trailer you want to look for.

The three types of trailers are the classic travel trailer, the fifth wheel, and the toy hauler. Each has a different design and structure to accommodate its purpose.

Classic Travel Trailer

Classic Travel Trailer

First, we have the classic travel trailer. Usually they’re just called travel trailers. Technically, all three of these types are travel trailers. However, the other two are usually called Fifth Wheels and Toy Haulers, leaving the Travel Trailer name to this type.

These are the most basic kind of travel trailer. The important distinction is that they are towed with a hitch that attaches to the back of your car. Travel trailers come in many different shapes and sizes. They generally have at least one bed (usually two), a stove and/or other cooking appliances, and bathroom facilities. They’re all you need to live on the road – basically a house on wheels. Depending on which trailer you get, you can live very comfortably in a travel trailer.


Fifth Wheel

Fifth Wheel - Keystone Laredo Fifth wheels are a variation of the classic travel trailer. Instead of being towed by a hitch at the rear of your car, fifth wheels attach to the bed of a truck using a special hitch. Fifth wheels generally offer more living space than regular travel trailers because of the added room above the truck bed. They’re also easier to tow, since more weight is positioned above the truck bed. However, they can only be towed by flat-bed or pickup trucks. Also, they’re generally more expensive than regular travel trailers.


Toy Hauler

Jayco Toy HaulerToy Haulers are just like classic travel trailers, except that they haul a toy. Toy haulers are designed to carry a motorbike, ATV, or whatever toy you want to bring with you. They usually have a space in the back, with a folding ramp, that holds your toy nicely.

A toy hauler is an excellent option for those who have an ATV or a similar toy, because they offer the benefits of travel trailers with the extra carrying space. Of course, you’ll be giving up living space to store your toy, and the toy will add a lot of weight to your trailer. But if you want to bring your ATV or motorcycle, toy haulers are the way to go.


The three types of travel trailers serve different purposes. Most part-time travelers prefer the regular travel trailer over the fifth wheel, since it’s less expensive. Most full-time travelers go for the fifth wheel (or a regular RV) since it’s easier to tow and has more living space. And if you travel with a ATV or another toy, you’ll like the carrying space that a toy hauler has to offer. I’ve also seen toy haulers that come in the fifth wheel variety instead of hitching like a regular travel trailer.

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