Toy Hauler Travel Trailers: Top 8 Brands (42 Models)

Want to bring a motorcycle or ATV with your travel trailer? A toy hauler travel trailer might be the perfect option for you. See 42 of them here.

Do you want to hit the road in a travel trailer, but bring along a motorcycle too? Toy hauler travel trailers are a specific type of travel trailer built just for that. If you want to bring along your motorcycle, ATV, go-kart, or other small vehicle, a toy hauler is the perfect option for you.

How is a toy hauler different from regular travel trailers? It simply has a space in the rear of the trailer that will carry your “toy.” Usually the rear of the trailer folds down and acts as a ramp so you can load the vehicle into the trailer. Toy haulers provide the amenities that normal trailer provide – but obviously they trade a little interior space for the toy hauling capability.

If you think a toy hauler is the best option for you, then the next step is to compare different toy haulers. It’s best to research all the brands and models and see which ones you like best. Fortunately, we’ve done the work for you. Here is our list of the best toy hauler manufacturers and the models they offer. Simply look at each and see which ones you like best.

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toy hauler travel trailers - list of models

Forest River has a lot of toy hauler models. Some are only travel trailers, some are fifth wheels, and some are available in both styles.

Catalyst is a fifth wheel, by Work and Play. It’s available in three floorplans, 42’ and 43’.

Grey Wolf from Cherokee is a travel trailer style toy hauler. Four floorplans come in 23’ to 33’ options.

XLR Hyper Lite comes in both travel trailer and fifth wheel options. The fifth wheel is 35’; the travel trailer has three floorplan options ranging from 27′ to 33’.

Nitro – The Nitro is available in both travel trailer and fifth wheel – one 35’ fifth wheel floorplan, and five travel trailer floorplans.

Sandstorm is also offered in travel trailer and fifth wheel options. It has three fifth wheel floorplans and five travel trailer floorplans.

Shockwave is another toy hauler from Forest River that’s available in both fifth wheel and travel trailer styles.

Stealth has many different floorplan options. There are three available in the fifth wheel and nine in the travel trailer style.

Vengeance – Also available in fifth wheel and travel trailers. For travel trailers, there are Vengeance “Super Sport” trailers as well as regular Vengeance floorplans. Fifth wheels also have these two options, with a few more floorplans to choose from.

Vengeance Touring Edition – This is another fifth wheel, a variation of the Vengeance model.

XLR Thunderbolt – The XLR Thunderbolt is a toy hauler fifth wheel from Forest River. It has 12 different floor plans to choose from – 5 in the Thunderbolt “AMP” edition, and 7 with the regular Thunderbolt.

Wolf Pack – This one comes in both travel trailer and fifth wheel styles. It has 5 travel trailer floorplans and 2 fifth wheel ones.

Wolf Pup – This is a small travel trailer toy hauler only 20’ 2” in length.

Work and Play – Again, available in both travel trailer and fifth wheel. Work and Play has Ultra Lite travel trailer floorplans for travel trailers, as well as regular ones. The fifth wheel option has 8 normal floorplans that you can choose from.

3. Keystone RV

Carbon is a versatile luxury toy hauler in Keystone’s “select” category of toy haulers. From the website: “Floor plans vary from a 5,000 pound travel trailer up to a triple slide fifth wheel with cargo sizes up to 17 feet.”

Cougar comes in the regular Cougar fifth wheel, XLite fifth wheel, and XLite travel trailer options – all with many different floorplan options.

Impact is an affordable option that comes in both fifth wheel and travel trailer styles with 7 different floorplans to choose from.

Outback – The Outback, the final Select model from Keystone, is a luxurious trailer (both trailer and fifth wheel options).

Fuzion – And finally, we have two “Premium” Keystone toy haulers – the Fuzion and the Raptor. The Fuzion is a fifth wheel with many different floorplans, from 35’ to 43’ lengths.

Raptor – the Raptor is a very luxurious fifth wheel from Keystone with a comfortable, luxury interior. There are floorplans available from 35’ to 42’. 4.


4. KZ-RV

Sportsmen Classic – The Sportsmen Classic is one of four travel-trailer-style toy haulers from KZ. It’s a small one, with only a 17’ length.

Sportsmen Sportster – This one is available in both travel trailer and fifth wheel styles. It’s a normal-size toy hauler with lots of different floorplans to choose from.

Spree Escape – This is another small toy hauler from KZ. It’s only 17’ 4” in length and has a dry weight of just 1990 lbs.

MXT – The MXT is a travel trailer toy hauler available in 24’ – 35’ lengths with 7 different floorplans.

Inferno – The Inferno is a luxurious, spacious fifth wheel. It’s available in 9 floorplans in lengths of 35’ to 44’.

StoneRidge Sportster – This one is another luxurious fifth wheel from KZ, designed with residential furnishings. It’s 42’ long and has a 10’ garage area.

5. Heartland

Cyclone – The Cyclone is a fifth wheel from Heartland. Floorplans range from 30’ to 43’ with 10’, 12’, 14’, 17.5’, and 18’ garage sizes. It’s also available in the TI Titanium Edition.

Road Warrior – The Road Warrior is a fifth wheel toy hauler from Heartland. It has floorplans from 29’ to 43’ with 10’, 12’, 14’, 17.5’, and 18’ garage sizes. Like the Cyclone, the Road Warrior is available in the TI Titanium Edition.

Torque – The Torque is available in fifth wheel and travel trailer models. It has 10 different floorplan options with 10-17’ garages.

6. Jayco


Octane ZX Super Lite – This small travel-trailer-style toy hauler weighs only 3765 lbs.

Octane ZX – This is Jayco’s main small toy hauler. It has 3 floorplans to choose from, with lengths of 28’, 30’, and 33’. It’s a travel trailer style toy hauler.

Seismic – The Seismic is Jayco’s premium toy hauler. It’s a fifth wheel, and a luxurious one at that. It sleeps up to 11. It has 6 floorplan options ranging from 37’ to 44’.

7. Gulf Stream

Gulf Stream offers two toy haulers: the Ice Haven and the Track and Trail.

Ice Haven – This is a travel trailer that’s made for ice fishing. It has a powerful furnace and weather insulation. It’s 25’ in length.

Track and Trail – The Track and Trail is a classic travel trailer toy hauler from Gulf Stream. It has 3 floorplans starting at 21’ to 34’.

8. Livin’ Lite

Polaris – This ultra lightweight toy hauler from Livin’ Lite has 3 floorplans ranging from 22’ to 30’ with weights of 4200-5580 lbs.

Quicksilver VRV – These are toy hauler trailers from Livin’ Lite. They’re all aluminum and have a wide range of options. There’s a 15’ basic trailer, a 32’ fifth wheel, and others in between.

Axxess – This is a trailer-style toy hauler. There are 3 floorplan options available.


So there you have it – 8 of the best manufacturers and all of their toy haulers. So what’s the next step?

You’re probably saying, “James, that’s awesome – but if I’m seriously looking at toy haulers, I need to know EVERY brand, not just 8 of them. I want to know all the options available to me.”

Well, in that case, I have exactly what you need. I compiled a list of all the toy hauler brands I could find – 23 of them, actually. Then I went and listed EVERY single model of toy hauler from each of them. It came out to 72 different models.

Make sure the trailer doesn’t weigh too much. Check if your tow vehicle can handle the weight of the trailer fully loaded. You want to leave a lot of weight room between the trailer’s weight and what your vehicle can tow. Leave room for the weight of interior accessories and water tanks. Also, you must factor in the weight of your “toy.”

Also, be sure to check out the storage area and make sure it’s big enough for whatever it is you’re hauling.

Finally, the most important step is to go to a dealer and actually check out a few trailers. Step inside and spend some time in them. This will give you a feel for what it’s really like to own and live in a trailer. You can even pretend to do everyday activities – like cooking, sleeping, using the bathroom – to really get a feel for what living in the trailer will be like.

We hope this guide helps you in your search for the perfect toy hauler. Best of luck in finding a great one!

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