Travel Trailer Reviews: Top 5 Places to Find Trailer Information

Looking to buy a travel trailer? It's best to research the trailer first by reading reviews. Here are 5 great places to find travel trailer reviews.

Before you buy a trailer, it’s good to do tons of research to make sure you find one that’s perfect for you. To help you, I’ve compiled five of the best places you can find travel trailer reviews, information, and advice to help you find the right trailer.

5. Trailer Life


Trailer Life is actually a magazine that’s been around since 1941. Their website, however, features tons of helpful RV reviews and information. They are unique in the fact that they’re dedicated specifically to travel trailers, not RVs. Not only do they offer lots of reviews of specific travel trailers, but their website is a gold mine for how-to’s, videos, travel resources, and much more information about all things related to travel trailers.

Since Trailer Life is a major publication, its website is very thorough and complete. This goes for the reviews as well. The reviews on are very in-depth and detailed, covering every aspect of the trailer. They provide a complete walkthrough of the interior, exterior, available options, and the total user experience. Lots of attention is given to the design and feel of the trailer, which is important information for a potential buyer. Complete with quality photos of the interior, these reviews capture the essence of the trailers they review. I really like the review style of the reviews – they’re fun to read and not boring at all. If has a review on a trailer you’re considering, be sure to read their review.


RV Guide is another good place to find reviews for travel trailers. They have a huge number of trailer reviews for you to browse. RV Guide’s reviews are short than those of Trailer Life, but they do provide a lot of useful information. The reviews include photos of the interior and a walkthrough of the different sections of the trailer. You’ll find RVGuide to be a good source for short but thorough reviews that give you a good overview of just about any trailer out there.

3. YouTube


If you want to see how a trailer really looks in person, you can’t beat a video walkthrough. There are lots of trailer dealers who post review videos on YouTube. There are ones from actual owners too. The person walks through the trailer interior while filming, showing you the different sections and details. It’s helpful to be able to see everything from the perspective of someone who’s actually inside the trailer.

If you can’t be there in person, the next best thing is to watch a video from someone who was. Which leads us to the last one….

2. Forums

Forums and internet discussions are a great place to find info on trailers. is a popular forums for RV and trailer owners. Reading through discussions will give you a real, honest look at what it’s really like to have a travel trailer. In a few minutes, I learned tons of new things I didn’t know before. I encourage you to check out this amazing Discussion Forums

Now, if you’re looking for info on a specific trailer, forums are a great place to get that too. There are likely other people who have the trailer that you’re considering, or one similar to it. See if you can find discussions about it. If not, you can post a question, and plenty of people will see it and respond. Some of them might be owners of the trailer. You’d be surprised how active the trailer community is on internet forums.

1. Real Life

Once you’ve read reviews and watched videos and have an idea of the trailer you want, it’s a good idea to talk to other people who may have owned a similar trailer. See what it’s been like for them, and see what they would have done differently. Reviews are great, but there’s nothing like personal experience to help you determine if a certain trailer is right for you. 

Then, once you’ve talked to people, either in real life or on an internet discussion board, find a place near you where you can try out the trailer. If you already travel in a trailer, then campgrounds are great places to meet people and talk about their trailers. Dealers are also a great place to test drive travel trailers, because they have a huge selection and are usually willing to let you go inside and look around whichever one you want. 


If you’re not sure about what kind of trailer you want, your first step should be to read as much as you can about them. Then go to a dealer and see what they’re actually like in real life. This will give you a much better idea of what you might be looking for and what will suit your needs best. Every traveler has different requirements for their trailer.

If you do have a pretty good idea of the kind of trailer you want, then all you have to do is go down the list in this post. Start with reading reviews of trailers online, then  watch some video reviews to give you an idea of the look and feel of the trailers. Look for discussions about the trailer one forums, and ask some questions yourself. Finally, go try out the trailer in person. Make notes of what you like and dislike. Then, if necessary, go back to reading reviews, watching videos, and asking questions.

Buying a trailer is an intensive process – one dealer said that 50% of buyers come back to buy a different one within two years. It’s very important to find a good floorplan and trailer style that fits you and your needs. So take it slow and don’t rush the process. You’ll probably read tons of reviews and visit the RV dealers many times before you think you’ve found something that’s for you.

So here are 5 amazing places to get information on different trailers. Use all five of them, and use them a lot – they’re immensely useful, and invaluable in your research and buying process.

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