Used Travel Trailers: Top 6 Places to Find Them

Look for used travel trailers? Here are six great places to find one.

Ready to take that plunge and buy yourself your very own travel trailer? There are basically two choices: new or used. Buying new can give you a state of the art RV, though it’s a luxury that comes with a price – often a price that can cut back on travel. To fully enjoy a trailer, with the financial ability to travel whenever you want, considering buying a used trailer over a new one can be your ticket to getting the trailer now, instead of later.

Buying a used trailer doesn’t mean that you won’t get a state of the art trailer. What it means is that you can pick your price and get the best trailer available within your price range. Basically, whether you want to spend $5,000 or $150,000, there’s a trailer available for you. Exploring these 6 places to buy a used RV trailer will provide you with tons of buying opportunities and help you find a trailer that suits your needs within your budget.

Used Travel Trailers

Local Dealer

If you want to buy a used trailer that has automatically been detailed and looked over to ensure everything is mechanically operational, you should consider a local dealer. Typically, anytime that a used travel trailer is brought into a local dealership, certain steps are taken prior to selling it. Each appliance, including the heating and cooling systems, is turned on, to ensure that they work properly. This way, you know that everything works – but you’re still saving money by buying used.

Side note: If you’re buying a motor home (aka RV – not a trailer), inspecting the engine is vital to protecting your investment. Knowing that the engine has been inspected can provide you with peace of mind that you aren’t going to end up on the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere. Additionally, many local dealers will provide a warranty covering a select amount of mileage.


Classifieds are an excellent place to look for a used travel trailer. An advantage of sifting through classifieds for a used trailer is that you can potentially find both dealers and individuals that are selling used travel trailers. The ability to find company and personal ads will allow you to decide on whether you prefer to work with an individual or a company, once you have decided on a few travel trailers. Classifieds also allow you to read ads from the comfort of your home, prior to heading out to look at the models that you have chosen.


If you enjoy auction platforms, eBay could provide the ideal route to your used travel trailer purchase. It allows you to cut the competition and pay the full asking price, at any time with the buy now option. If you have what it takes to enter and win those crazy bidding wars, following an auction to the end just may save you a great deal of money that can be spent on your first trip out. One consideration is that if the auction that you’re bidding on isn’t local, you may end up paying for transport or picking it up yourself. Of course, a trip to get your new RV purchase is a perfect excuse to take a bypass over to Yosemite.


For a vast amount of available RV’s within all price ranges and all styles, consider Craigslist. The advantage of Craigslist is that you can potentially view page after page of motor homes, class A RV’s, travel trailers, 5th wheels and even custom bus conversions. Craigslist will also allow you to search based on keywords and price ranges. This means you can filter out all of the trailers that are beyond your budget, saving you precious time.


An often-overlooked way of locating and buying used trailers is searching through RV-based forums. Individuals that are selling an RV will often mention it in a forum. Additionally, you can always create a new forum thread, mentioning that you are currently in the market. By creating your own thread, you can have everyone come to you, thereby reducing the need to spend all of your time searching multiple websites.

RV Trader

Using RV Trader to locate and buy a used travel trailer can ease the buying process. This is because RV Trader combines several methods – they allow dealer ads, they include a classified section, and they have a forum. The result is that you have multiple ways of finding your used RV. These advantages will allow you to quickly find the perfect trailer so you can hit the open road and travel to any location that you dream of.


So those are just 6 ways to find a used RV. If you look at just a few of these places, it’s almost certain that you’ll find an RV that you like. Remember to check out each RV thoroughly – you want to make sure everything works like it should. You can find a lot of tips for that process right here. Here’s to finding a great used travel trailer!

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