What Features to Look for in a Travel Trailer Interior

Travel Trailer Interiors are important, because the interior is the part where you'll be living. Read to learn what things to look for when buying.

There are two main design elements of every travel trailer: the interior and the exterior. Interior refers to everything inside the trailer, and exterior refers to how the outside is designed.

Of course, the outside of the trailer is a very important consideration. But the interior is even more important, because it’s where you’ll be living.

When shopping for a travel trailer, there are lots of factors you need to look at regarding interior design and features. In this article, we’ll look at the main elements of travel trailer interiors, and how you can choose the best option for you.

Look and Feel

Interior Look and Feel

The first thing you should take into consideration is the overall look and feel of the place. You’ll be living here when you travel, so you might as well pick a place you enjoy being in. Are you comfortable spending time here? Is the room spacious enough for you? How will you organize it? Also look at trailers with slide-outs – this is a great feature that many newer travel trailers have which can greatly increase the spacious feel of the trailer.

There are many factors that contribute to the feel of a trailer. Perhaps the most important one is lighting. How well is the room lit? I don’t just mean the brightness, although that certainly is a factor. The placement and quality of the lighting is very important as well. Can you add lighting of your own if you want to?

Window placement also contributes to the look and feel of your trailer. How many windows are there? Do they give a lot of light to the room? Can you cover them up if you want to?

Finally, look at the floor and ceiling. Do you like the floor? Is it good for your intended use? Is it in good condition? Can you replace it if you want to? And the ceiling – does it complement the room well? How does it make the room feel? One RV owner even had a magnetic ceiling so he could stick his utensils on it! Make sure to evaluate the floor and ceiling before you decide on a trailer.



The kitchen is a very important feature of your trailer, since you’ll likely be spending a lot of time here. You’ll want to make sure you’re comfortable with the amount of countertop space and cooking area. Sinks are also an important thing to look at – sink sizes vary by trailer and you’ll want to pick one you like. Also, examine what the cooking appliances are – most trailers have a stove, and some have an oven or microwave. Microwaves can be pretty easy to add if the trailer doesn’t have one – ovens and stoves are a different story.


The bathroom area is another important part of a trailer. Make sure you can deal with the size of the restroom area, as some are designed very small to save space. There are different types of RV toilets that you should compare and see what you like. Some trailers have a shower, and shower sizes can vary greatly. The sink is also part of the bathroom area.


Bed(s) and Bedroom

Sleeping areas are perhaps the most varied component of travel trailer interiors. Different trailers serve different purposes – there are trailers that sleep 2, and those that sleep 8 or more. The most common usually accommodate 2-4 people. Some trailers have the bedroom in the back; some have fold-out beds from couches. Bed sizes also vary greatly depending on the trailer. Make sure you’re comfortable with the amount, size, and placement of beds in your trailer.

Couches, Tables and Chairs

Trailers nearly always have a dining area and a couch area. Many have a restaurant-style booth with a table in between chairs or seats. These are good for eating, of course, but they also serve as a good work area. They’re usually next to a window, so you can eat dinner with the family or work on your laptop while enjoying the view outside your trailer.

Many trailers also have a couch that you can relax on. The couch sizes and upholstery can vary, but you can customize it if you want. Many couches also feature a fold-out bed.


The interior is one of the most important parts of your travel trailer. Therefore, you’ll want to pick a travel trailer with an interior that you love. There are many different styles and options out there, so take time to find one that’s right for you.

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