Why Travel Trailers?

Why travel trailers? In this post, we discuss the pros and cons of traveling in a trailer, plus other options.

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If you like camping, I highly recommend considering a travel trailer. Travel trailers are becoming more and more popular among campers, and for good reason. They offer many luxuries while camping – you get your own bed, kitchen, bathroom, and any other commodities you’d like. You can easily tow them with an SUV or truck. There are many lightweight trailers that can be towed with smaller SUVs too. A trailer is like a home away from home, making your camping trips more enjoyable.

Best of all, trailers are economical. They cost about as much as a low-end car, some less. They cost a lot less than RVs, since they don’t have an engine component. If you go camping with some frequency, or if you like to travel and take road trips, a travel trailer might be just the thing for you.

Unless you’re always on the road, travel trailers usually make more sense than RVs. First, travel trailers are much, much cheaper. A high-end travel trailer might cost upwards of $50,000, while a comparable RV might run for over $200,000. A smaller trailer could be found for under $20,000 – less if you buy it used – and there’s no way you could find a similar RV for that price. Also, if your car breaks down, you can just unhook your car and have its engine serviced. Servicing for name-brand car engines is much easier to find than servicing for RV engines.

With a travel trailer, you’ll always have your regular car with you during your camping trip. This means that if you need to run down the street quickly, you can simply unhitch the trailer. With an RV, you have to take the whole thing on every small trip, and it can be a huge pain to find parking. This isn’t an issue with travel trailers.

Travel trailers are often much more spacious than RVs. 5th wheels especially often have a lot of space options. Slide-outs are more common in travel trailers, and although RVs often have slide-outs, trailers tend to have more and bigger ones. Additionally, having a travel trailer forces you to get up often to use the bathroom and get food. Sitting for long periods of time can be unhealthy – stretching every couple hours is healthy, and therefore actually an advantage to travel trailers.

If you’re an infrequent camper, a travel trailer can be an economical way to enjoy comfort on the road. If you take a lot of road trips, travel trailers are great for sightseeing because you have a car to drive around in and a place to sleep at night. And if you spend a lot of time traveling, or you’re a full-timer, a travel trailer provides a luxurious home that you can take anywhere for not much money.

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